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Give Me Just 12 Weeks...
And You Will Easily Walk Away,
90-99% Chronic Pain-Free!

If you have Fibromyalgia, CFS/ME, or even Long-Covid, I will show you how to "Kick Chronic Pain Out Of Your Life"

TRUTH BOMB: If it hasn't already, chronic pain may eventually affect your sleep, career, cognitive processes, your family, relationships, brain function, mood/mental health, cardiovascular health, sexual function, and overall quality of life. I know, this news kinda sucks but it doesn't have to be this way!

My name is Deana (The Spoonie Coach) D'Monte and I help people get free from chronic pain. I have suffered from Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for over 23 years. It got so bad during one flare, that I was barely able to move around my home, (using an office chair with wheels) as I couldn't stand, hold my head and neck up unaided, walk or stay awake. There was little help forthcoming from the medical profession and everything seemed hopeless. 


The pain I was suffering was off the scale too! I was being urged to consider a wheelchair and care staff but I couldn't accept this would be my life now! I can be stubborn (Thankfully, in this case.)


I spent the next 20 years researching and trialing everything that may help me in an attempt to improve my pain. (I kept a careful diary of everything as I worked). I cannot tell you how happy I was when at last my pain began to improve after years of feeling like I a corpse! I was losing hope as my breakthrough finally happened as I was telling myself that I had tried EVERYTHING POSSIBLE! I was actually about to give up when... BANG! It all suddenly came together, after years of trying!


My pain was suddenly becoming less and less each week and all my symptoms were improving!

I just wanted to shout about it from the rooftops!!! I contacted some chronically ill friends I made who had Fibro/CFS/ME and carefully explained the steps I had taken and my results. Some decided to try my method with varying degrees of success so I tweaked my method until eventually, it was working to get everyone who tried it 90-99% pain-free! It's since been tested on over 209 people with Fibro, CFS/ME. (And 25 who have Long-Covid) I had a few people contacting me who were suffering with Long-Covid and wanting to try my programe. It worked for them too, leading me to believe that Long-Covid is not so very different from Fibro! My program was finally born and it can help you to escape from chronic pain too! 


5 Hard Nosed Facts... 

  1. What you have tried in the past hasn't worked - You are still in pain!
  2. You don't want to be in pain for the rest of your life!
  3. You have wasted time and money trying to get chronic pain-free!
  4. You must follow a proven program, created by someone who knows what you suffer to escape pain.
  5. If you can't control or eliminate the pain - your future looks bleak.

I am so sorry, but I don't sugarcoat anything that I say these days.

Your health and future are too important!


Did you Know That 1-9 people Suffer with Chronic Pain?

I've Been Where You Are & Know How It feels When:

  • Your body feels out of control...
  • Chronic pain rules your life.
  • You dread waking up and facing the pain each day.
  • You may no longer bother to take care of yourself as you no longer have the energy or will...
  • You hate your body as you feel it works against you.
  • You can't plan anything in case you have a flare.
  • You may feel distant from your family & loved ones.
  • You may not be able to work.
  • You often have brain fog and can't think clearly.
  • You feel anxious all the time and can't focus.
  • You feel like you no longer enjoy anything...
  • You feel overwhelmed yet bored with your restricted painful existance.
  • You may be worried about your mobility and future.

Get Results Like These!

The Spoonie Coach

Had Fibro for 5 yrs and I had just accepted being in pain all the time was just my life...

In 12 weeks this programe has taught me to become chronic pain-free. I'm actually quite shocked in all honesty!

Half way through the course and my pain is down 45%

I started the programe and coaching not expecting much when all of a sudden I was able to reduce my pain meds. I can't wait for the next 6 weeks to see more progress!

Having ME and Fibromyalgia I wasn't that hopeful. I had tried many things before.

No disrespect to My Spoonie Coach, I mean I did hope this would work but I was afraid to get my hopes up.  I have been both delighted and surprised over the weeks of the course and coaching. Not only has it worked but I've really enjoyed all of it. The support has been amazing. 

It's No Wonder Clients Are RAVING About Their Results!

My program includes coaching/mentoring, program materials, bonus material plus daily and weekly support .

 It's a small investment in yourself that will pay huge dividends in the future!

All About My Program!

I hate the word no! If someone tells me something can't be done, I will find a way to do it! Seriously... I've always been this way, I'm stubborn and like you, I couldn't stand by in pain my whole life!


Ok, it took me more than 20 years but I got there. I got myself out of pain and tried my programe with others. I tweaked and tested it for 2 years until I was sure that it has worked for everyone. 


I'm sure you've heard "It's not what you do, It's the way that you do it"? said before? Well during the time I tested out different things, not only was everything I teach tried and tested but it was all then tried in a different order to achieve the maximum results! 


The method may be termed as 'Holistic', but only because it affects every system in your body.  Don't make the mistake of thinking that my method is purely mental and spiritual - there isn't even anything spiritual included in my program to get pain-free. You will need a priest for that! Don't worry, like the illness itself, my program is not 'All just in your head', either!


What I will teach you is how to physically  'BIO-HACK your body' so it totally OBLITERATES the chronic pain produced by Fibro, CFS/ME or Long-Covid!


Let's be clear here - there is no cure for Fibromyalgia, CFS/ME or Long-Covid.


I only wish I had one for you! However, my method CAN take the pain away (and improve and reduce a lot of the other symptoms you experience daily.) You know,  the ones that are never even mentioned as a symptom of the illness! The 'other' symptoms that only those who have experienced these particular types of chronic illness will know only too well.




Can you even imagine the transformation that will take place in your life once you are pain free?


  • Living every day with joy!
  • Being in control of your body.
  • Waking up with enthusiasm for the day ahead!
  • Being positively connected with loved ones again.
  • Enjoying activities and hobbies once more.
  • Feeling optimistic and motivated!
  • Being clear-headed and calm.
  • Respecting your body and working with it.
  • Reaching you goals effortlessly...
  • Picking up your career or starting a new one! (After all...the world is your oyster again!)
  • No more overwhelm! A program you will be guided through with ease & work at your own pace.
  • No wondering if the program will work for you! It's been tried and tested and proven to work.
  • No more pain from chronic illness! An end to struggling just to get by each day!
  • Transformation with the perfect end results - with milestones for tracking progress along the way!

So What Do You Get On My Signature Program?

  • Lifetime access to the video lessons, all modules and materials. (Including any updates)
  • Daily access to me and a community of students.
  • A weekly group coaching/mentoring call.
  • This course is set up for you to succeed! With all the support and materials, you will simply sail through the 12 weeks and achieve success!

"Circumstances change and after coping for 10 yrs with Fibromyalgia, my resilience had left me. I think it's inevitable as pain increases. I cannot believe that just 3 months after starting Dee's course that I feel human again with barely any pain. Trust the process she said and she was right!"

Lauren T.Lauren T.CEO

"I had suffered with Fibro and CFS for years before diagnosis. I was on the brink of losing my career. When I saw a post from Dee saying she was looking for Guinea pigs to test her method on. Having nothing to lose, I put myself forward. Almost 3 months to the day - I was all but pain-free. Amazing"

Gary M.Gary M.Business Owner

"I was diagnosed with Fibro in 2019 and simply sent home with pills. I didn't know her at the time, she was a friend of a friend but I contacted Dee for a chat. I'm not sure why but felt the need to talk to someone who had the same problem. She was amazingly helpful! I think her advice and support have saved me from years of pain and suffering. I will be forever grateful"

Julie K.Julie K.Care Coordinator

Special Bonuses Included In The Program !

Save Time!

Do you want to spend over 20 years as I did

working out the method to escape from chronic pain?

Save Money!

Be honest - how much money have you spent 

looking for pain relief or, have you lost due to sickness?

Stop Pain!

How many wasted days and nights have you spent just wishing the chronic pain would go away?

Why Is My Program Different?

I'm not a doctor, but that's probably a good thing because, the chances are, that they can't help you very much! You know this already or you wouldn't be reading this! I've spent 20+ years researching how people with Fibro, CFS/ME (and more recently - Long-Covid) can ditch the pain!


I'm someone who has suffered the same way that you have! I understand. I have wadded through the 'Russian Roulette' of various medications with differing horrific side effects, each one more horrendous than the last, for little to no relief from the daily pain...

I want to help you, I'm here for you and will hold your hand through the whole 12-week program.


Hope to see you on the inside!


Kindest regards & gentle hugs,


Dee (not your doctor) D'Monte :) 

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